I had interviewed with Sense Time in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Japan since last year.
As a result, I was narrowed down to COVID related content, however I want to tell you especially as below:
They support online education and medical technology with AI so much, and it's free.
SenseTime support to create our new future, so I really respect them.
"In the future, where online exchanges become mainstream, the world will be connected and borders will disappear more and more.
So Children from all over the world live in same field, someone study AI education by making full use of digital tools from elementary school, but someone can't do it.
How can we give the baton to young people who live in such a future? "
By all means, I want to think with you. Thank you!




【Global AI company SenseTime, Forbes new article published! 】

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News【Global AI company SenseTime, Forbes new article published! 】