Career design coaching

"Do you have a career vision after 3 years?"

Coaching that considers your priority career design together, not prioritizing job changes

In the age of change, why not design a global career that will lead to the future with your priority rather than changing jobs?

With the experience of 5,500 multinational interviews, and knowing the global job market, we can help you flatten out and expand your potential without being bound by the traditional framework.

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Career Design Coaching

Professionals who know Chinese, Western, and Japanese companies

will work together with you to design a career that focuses on you, who can "be active anywhere."

With the experience of 5,500 multinational interviews, and knowing the global job market, we can help you flatten out and expand your potential without being bound by the traditional framework.

We believe that in the era of change, the future career will shift from a stacked-up type to a “face-to-face, strength-finding” type.

There is no lifetime employment system in the first place in the global market.

Furthermore, as technology evolves, society changes, and organizations are flattened, it is becoming difficult to build a conventional, stacked career.

We believe that it is important to build a career by expanding this overlapping aspect = "width of career" to further strengthen its strengths and enhance uniqueness.

What are the capabilities required of the world's leading companies?

Thinking of career in a global company from China

I haven't been involved so far, but I am interested in a global company originating in China. How can I contact the other company? ...

Introducing a secret project that has not been published in Japan, even across borders.
Beyond the border, we will introduce you directly to the head office manager and create a position.

Those seeking a global career three years from now

I'm good at English and I have a good yearly income, so I don't need to change jobs immediately, but can I say that I can be excited after three years...

We're flat on you, knowing the global job market and helping you expand your possibilities.
Professionals who know Chinese, European, American and Japanese companies will help you to make your career design where you can be active anywhere.

How to succeed in becoming executives of foreign companies

Global HQ often negotiate annual income directly with you when you become a management executive, it is also important.

Consultants with experience in introducing CXOs to Global companies will share their successful career change know-how.
The key to success is before you apply. Even you don't apply to our clients, we teach you "Salary negotiation success method" with Global HQ directly.

Greetings from Our consultant

We strongly back up your future career

Experiencer's voice:Fujii-san is the only person with whom I have designed my career, despite my unique background and the many consultants who stay away from it.

I have known Ms. Fujii for more than 6 years now. After my work in Vietnam, she supported me in finding new a job in Japan.
First of all, I was impressed by how eagerly she promoted me to the companies by taking advantage of my career!

To be honest, there are many consultants who avoid unusual resumes, and she is the only person who was willing to design my career together with me.

Also, she has strong partnerships with the companies, and she helped me a lot by giving me many information.

I introduced her to one of my close friends, too. As my long-time career design partner, I place my trust in her in the future as well.

"Kaoru-san gave me my wishes of position that created with the new company. And then, my dream of connecting Japan and China has come true."

"Kaoru-san is not only an excellent headhunter, she also the best partner who understands me and considers my future career together. she combined the hopes of me and the company to create a position. And then, my dream of connecting Japan and China has come true."
I have dealt with many headhunters, and Kaoru-san is definitely my best partner. She gave me a lot more flat advice about my future career than her job. Each time I talked to her, my future career and next steps became clear.

"Fujii-san understood my strengths, experiences and weaknesses the most. I'm lucky to meet her, who has surpassed the number of recruiters."

"Fujii-san is a consultant who understood my strengths, experiences and weaknesses the most. She frankly pointed out my strengths and weaknesses, and together we seriously considered how to achieve my desired career path. I'm lucky to meet her, who is more than a recruiter."

I already had startup experience, and I was confident that I would challenge a new environment, but I had no experience of working on a global team that connected with overseas every day. It was embarrassing for me, but instead of worrying about being inexperienced, she gave me frank advice on her passion for my target company and how to use my future potential as my strength.

"Kaoru is the most empathetic partner who can deeply understand companies and candidates and find 'change leader' for our future vision."

"Other recruiter try to fit into the requirements list, but Kaoru isn't. She understands the company and the candidate deeply, judges the true value of the candidate beyond the list, and makes the best match possible. She is the best partners who can find the future of 'change leader'."
I've met more than 10 recruiters in the last four years, and Kaoru is the most empathetic consultant.
Most of the people in charge will use a checklist to see if it applies to their case, and if I say I'm not interested this time, they won't contact me again. however, Kaoru did not get caught up in the conventional list, and tried to find an environment where I could make the most of my experience and potential, and what kind of 'change leader' was necessary to solve the problems of the clients, and matched them for our future vision.

For those still in doubt

We are implementing a "challenge campaign" for first-time users.
For those who are unsure about whether to consult, we recommend starting with a "trial interview."

Usually 9,000 yen (tax included)

→ 1,888 yen each time!

Limited time from July 1st to September 30th, 2022

Consultation fee

① First Career consultation

China HQ and Japanese career about China Tech

③4 Steps to Negotiate Annual Income and Succeed in Changing Jobs

④5 steps to make a successful career change for global Executives

*Basically, we will have an online interview. (Use Zoom)

*Please pay once. There is no time limit until the next interview.

*If you apply to a company introduced by us, we will provide free support after that.

*All prices shown include tax.


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