"The synergy of AI + IoT x All appliances x 5G, be able to create a new future."
Suddenly, I am a huge fan of Ironman, especially among The Avengers I thought it would be nice if there were a kind of his kind secretary robot, but I never thought that such a world would be realized.

After I met them, it turned into a conviction that the dream world really will come true in a few years. Such exciting companies is dedicated to position ourselves as the international platform for our global business; Tuya has two headquarters, in China and US , and Shenzhen which are “Talent Central City" and taking on new challenges on huge stage of the world.
AI + IoT is not just a technology that makes life convenient. What they are aiming for is a new future, in which Electronics move closer to people's hearts and create a better society together.

This company is "Tuya Smart," a pioneer of the AI + IoT platform.
Co-headquartered in Hangzhou and San Jose by the team from Alibaba Cloud in 2014, it has already developed business in nearly 200 countries and regions worldwide. Besides its headquarters, it has branches in Europe, India, Korea, and Japan. Tuya started partnering with Softbank to launch development last year, also established a Japanese office in 2019. Total over 1,100 staff at eight offices.

The distinctive feature of Tuya Smart is that it combines the technologies of AI and IoT to form a platform that surrounds all of them. It can be used for all the world's electrical appliances, and with the addition of 30,000 products with its networking module in them, it will instantly become smart appliances. Moreover, you can operate it all in one application. They are fully equipped with cloud, various products, customer service, supply chain, logistics for that, and can cooperate with suppliers all over the world in any process. There is no other example of such a flexible and comprehensive model.

I could join big conference held by Tuya Smart for new technology to develop new markets. More than 4,000 guests from all over the world to came to Shenzhen. Including government officers, Europe, United States, South America, India, Korea, and Japan from Softbank and CEO of manufacturers that jointly manufacture home appliances, they are mine guests.
Also, fortunately, I could one to one interview with Mr. Alex who is one of Co-founder and COO.
“We are committed to bringing the state-of-the-art technology in AI+IoT to our global partners to lower the barriers to enter a smart and connected world. By partnering with more global partners, we will be able to provide more localized services to the local consumers”, said Alex.
First, the AI + IoT market is overgrowing, and it is estimated that in two years their number of users will exceed 1 million, and sales will exceed 1 trillion JPY. It is still an unexplored field and is projected to be a growing market for the next 20 years.
Also, 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G, so the synergy of AI + IoT x all appliances x 5G be able to create a new future.
Therefore, to work on so many of technological innovations, I would like to write concrete examples while linking them to the society they are trying to realize.

"We detect our emotions and desires, and Electronics automatically respond as personal supporters."
One of the notable examples is the technology that detects human emotional needs, stays close to its heart, and automatically responds to things as a personal supporter.
Specifically, they will strengthen AI face recognition and voice recognition technology, detect and learn the emotions and desires of each time with complexion and vocal color, automatically select the corresponding pattern, and reach a comfortable point automatically. It will be a response.
For example, when you're tired, it will light healing lights, provide warm air conditioning, and have a bath with a pleasant temperature. When you want to show your love for your partner, it will choose excellent music on the mood lights and give a relaxing tea.
The technology is applied to R-Tech (Real Estate x Tech), real estate, and is linked to home, apartment, hotel, hospital, security, sharing, etc., and it is a concept that the whole society becomes a smart society.
As for security, the two-way type is already widespread. It is possible to check the pets at home anytime from the outside, and when it detects a suspicious, it will notify you from the home side.
Besides, as an example of a smart function, the refrigerator will notify in advance the expiration date of each food and will also suggest recipes with the food in the fridge.

"Globalization is not possible without localization."

Also, while promoting global development, they place emphasis on localization to respond to the laws and regulations of each country and follow their lifestyle habits. It may not be the most challenging element of IoT, which is closely related to the daily life of the user.
For example, Mr. Alex studied in the United States and lived in California. He must give water the garden's flowers regularly, he must pay penalty if he forgets it, also he must pay penalty if he gives over-water it. At that time, he wanted to get "smart watering appliances" that could solve his stress.
It is their vision to realize that they want to contribute to the creation of a better society by solving such local needs, stress and social issues.

"We want to support for old age population, depopulation, small families, to relieve loneliness, and pressure."
Therefore, what kind of effect can they expect when thinking in Japanese society?
The keywords we first came up with are the old age population, depopulation, small families, the relief of the inconvenience and anxiety, and the desire to relieve loneliness and pressure.
The elderly living alone in local area be able to live comfortably and safely, they will support the homework of the child who will be homed singly, and it will also be possible to automatically respond to individual generations in the case of three families living together.
However, it cannot be realized only with their technology. The IoT recognition rate in Japan is still only 8%. It may not be necessary to the receiving side how far to accept and co-exist.
Finally, he shared that with me.
"It may be a trivial thing, but making sleep comfortably is especially my favorite.
The sleeping monitor will create a comfortable sleeping and awakening morning. I gradually weaken the light, and in the morning, they open the curtain slowly and play with my favorite music.
We feel heavy pressure too. I have always pressure that have to grow up first and catch up first. That's why my sleep is shallow, so I'm also need that kind of support kindly. "
He is a truly elite, but I feel relief by his honest opinion and glad to know it.
It may be the key to live together for happiness that release from which one's origin, which one is faster, and so on.

July 8th, 2019
Kaoru Fujii,
Founder & CEO, Diverse Design K. K.


Electronics and people are close to each other, creating a better society together. AI + IoT Pioneer challenge to The World from Hangzhou.





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福布斯专栏Electronics and people are close to each other, creating a better society together. AI + IoT Pioneer challenge to The World from Hangzhou.