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Interview: Startup Grind Shenzhen Chapter Director, Ms. Grace Zhang

"Understanding the world and realize home country. I want to evolve Shenzhen into a hybrid."
She said it such a hot and brilliant to me, I can to meet wonderful woman in Shenzhen where is “Talent Central City."
Grace is responsible for managing Startup Grind Shenzhen, a community that supports startup entrepreneurs and innovators in 500 cities in over 125 countries launched in Silicon Valley.
Many partnerships with global partners like Google for Entrepreneurs and local startup hubs like Tech Temple, Startup Grind is one of the most favored community hubs in Shenzhen recently.
There are well over 6,000 local community members. There are many participants from overseas, and they are so international community. A representative of Berlin China was also a guest from Beijing at the event I attended.
The event that such companions gather is always prosperous, and it is energetically going on at a pace almost once a month. Moreover, she is "unpaid" in this activity.

Recently, Shenzhen is called Asia's Silicon Valley, but is it correct? The more unusual they are, the higher their hybrid evolution is.
For example, Grace has experience in the top environment in the world and realize the motherland in a nutshell.
Her home country is China, studied in The US from university, moved to Philadelphia, Indiana, and Chicago, and became a reporter in the IT industry. She has been interviewing successes charisma and startup entrepreneurs by herself there.
Returning China in 2014, chose a new life in Shenzhen. Immediately in the same year, Startup Grind's activities began. She usually works full-time in a company for a brand marketer and at the same time do this support activity.

Why do you choose Shenzhen? Why can you make effort for it without pay? I asked it to her.

"First, there is fairness in Shenzhen, and there is a culture of fostering startups throughout the city. Technology will change our life and society for both way in good or bad.
That's why we want to utilize the DNA of Shenzhen, to make reasonable changes, and to increase the number of people who can make a better society. That's my driving force." she said with a smile.

"My vision is creating a soft ecosystem that connects the baton to support from successful advisors to new challengers here."
Because she has been in contact with the world's top leaders, so she is possible to find key points to discover comprehensively how Shenzhen should evolve in the future, and so on.

"I think that it is time for Shenzhen's start-up to build 'soft people skill'
All most of all start-up companies growing so first and just three to five years have passed since the founding. They need a management ability to create a strong team and a business philosophy that can be shared with overseas members to achieve global expansion. However, there are still few opportunities for management to have such consultations.
In the United States, there is a culture where new challengers can seek advice from successful advisors, and the opportunities are fulfilling. Even the world's top successful Jobs and Zuckerberg are advising the juniors favorably. That's why we want to create a soft ecosystem in Shenzhen that connects the baton of success, where successful people support new challenges. "

My eyes were heated up involuntarily when I heard it from her without hesitation.
Nowadays, Startup Grind has grown into a high-quality popular community in Shenzhen, but the first five years before launched, there were almost no participants in the event.
Because she knew no one when just arrived, she created unique idea to enter the community here by providing values people really needed. That's the near-native English ability she fostered through working in the US IT industry.
This become popular, and the number of fans is increasing, leading to steady community expansion. Because she has the core value, passion, and never give up, it is not something that is achieved.

Her community also includes Europeans, Americans, the Middle East, and more Asian for example Indonesians recently. But participants from Japan are unfortunately not found.
However, I can’t say easily that I want you to more challengers come from Japan.

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Brilliant woman supporter who supports hybrid innovative city Shenzhen with "unpaid"





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