AI Evangelists from Shenzhen create amazing communication between AI and people


"Giving in force to make AI and humans interact more naturally"

I could meet new great innovative company in Shenzhen where is “Talent Central City."
Evangelist, means leading to the summit everyone wants, declares that "We want to be an AI Evangelist," "ZhuiYi Technology" which infuses AI with the power of dialogue it is.
Born in Shenzhen by founders from Tencent in 2016, currently has a head office in Shenzhen with more than 400 staff, 6 offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and plans to expand into Europe and Japan.

They have top-class technologies in China about NLP in the AI field, as witnessed by AI's global researcher Kai-Fu Lee. NLP is an abbreviation of Natural Language Processing and is a technology that enhances natural dialogue ability. So, it is an innovative technology for AI and human beings to have dialogue = communication that understands emotions naturally.
Moreover, they are providing enterprise solutions. Providing a real communication service to customers, fully customized for each bank and other financial institutions and hotels and other real stores. Currently, it model is B2B2C, has been supplied to more than 500 clients, including major domestic banks and hotels, and more than 7 million population coverage are users rather than customers.

" ZhuiYi can simultaneously solve the shortage of human resources and develop and establish human resources."
Two specific examples of what kind of services they offer, which can be used in the Japanese market.
First, there are many options available at financial institutions, the most surprising thing for me is that AI acts as a supporter and trainer for new employees.
It learns from all correspondence records and knowledge until now, and in response to the customer's remarks, it proposes the best correspondence each time. Also, he/she senses during the conversation of the person in charge and emotions and suggests specific advice such as "If you answer in a few seconds this will lead to a solution."
Besides, AI makes a telephone call by itself and forms a reminder call to a credit card arrears.
They lead negotiations with natural tempo and the flow of conversation while interposing the other party's feelings and remarks.
As a result, not only the work efficiency of the call center also the effects of human resource development and establishment have been demonstrated.
For example, in the case of a call center of SV and 15 staff, the same task can be handled by SV and AI bot, AI Trainee, and 3 staff, leading to a simultaneous solution to the shortage of personnel and retention of staff.

Next is an example at a hotel; for example, when Chinese tourists stay at a hotel in Japan, an app that offers full support in Chinese immediately after checking in is attractive.
A scan QR code with WeChat is OK, no download required. All orders such as cleaning, room service, etc. can be ordered, WeChat Pay will complete payment, and the completion time will be notified.
Moreover, Japanese staff can reply in Japanese. So, it automatically converts languages from Chinese to Japanese and vice versa in the app.
They respond carefully to individual questions and answers, customer surveys. The CRM data can be checked every time by the hotel management and can be used to improve service and human resource development.
Tourists from all over the world visit the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The day when multilingual support will be possible for such a situation will be near.

"We want to be an AI evangelist; it means has responsibility to lead and guide correctly."
These are just a few examples; I have the impression that they services are user-friendly and very kind.
I had interview with Ms. Claire and Mr. Terry, they are leaders in business strategy planning and implementation including overseas expansion. Both studied abroad in the United States and have both experience in business of the financial industry, such as venture capital and JPMorgan, and have the latest AI knowledge. They are very smart global talents.
However, they are not only smart. They have a pure passion and strong commitment that they want to create productive communication between AI and people with the technology of ZhuiYi and contribute to solving social problems.
In my opinion, the AI field may have pros and cons, also I cannot say no involved mindset.
AI evangelist, it not just sounds good. I trust they have a high spirit and responsibility to lead and guide correctly. That's why I get impression from them and look forward to their further evolution.

June 14th, 2019
Kaoru Fujii,
Founder & CEO, Diverse Design K. K.





AI Evangelists from Shenzhen create amazing communication between AI and people





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AI Evangelists from Shenzhen create amazing communication between AI and people