"All innovations and global companies are created by Talents."
In Shenzhen, they teach me. People build a new innovative city.

In Chinese, write people as talent. It does not mean just resources, meaning people are talented. I like this meaning. I want to talk directly with people who are challenging to the world from Shenzhen and to tell their real career to you.

Rising a trip to Shenzhen, job hunting.
"At the moment when I got to Shenzhen, I realize here is the right place for a new challenge that I was looking for."
Few Japanese women go to Shenzhen alone for work. Mami-san who is one such precious woman told us brilliantly.
She is working for the STEAM educational robot maker, Makeblock, who is actively developing the world from the beginning. In Japan, programming education which is part of STEAM education will fix into compulsory schooling from 2020.
It is a growth company born in Shenzhen and developing products to more than 140 countries worldwide in five years. It is one of the famous enterprises taken by Global Accelerator HAX, raising $ 44 million in funding, working with Softbank also in Japan in 2016.
As a "bone global" company, we currently have bases in five countries including Japan, with over 500 employees. Its founding CEO is 33 years old, and the average age of employees is about 28 years old. Almost all the members of the head office's are fluent in English, and they say "May I help you?" and help me naturally in English.

Mami-san joined Shenzhen headquarters in the autumn of 2018. Currently, she is in charge of the localization of Japanese marketing and products while belonging to the Asian team.
After studying in the U.S., she joined Worldwide startup support and investment company. She was in charge of marketing communication in the Tokyo branch office. As supporting new entrepreneurs, she realized she also should to continue the challenge globally and visited Shenzhen while traveling through Asia.

"At the moment when I got here, I felt awesome power, people with dreams gathered, I felt that innovation is occurring, I also realized that I want to make new challenges with them here."
She changed all the schedule after that and hurriedly started job hunting in Shenzhen. While there was not any connection, she approached Makeblock many times by chance knowing through the relationship of her former job. Finally, Makeblock made her for the position at the headquarters. It was the first time as a Japanese.
Great courage and power. Why did she want to work in the Makeblock so much?
"I've been feeling worthy of support to improve the potential of people by doing my job to support startup support and human challenge and change the education of the world. The creativity of children in STEAM education We will also enhance teamwork and further expand our possibilities because we sympathize with that vision and want to realize it together. "

"Stay Childlike"
First of all, it seems that Wang CEO tells all the employees whether we continue to have that.

"I think our company knows global standards in business." Mami-san says.
Her Chinese is not yet business level, so she communicates with all colleagues in English, but they are no problem and kindly support her.
"Working way is also reasonable and speedy, each one is acting with individuality and professionalism, switching on and off is good, morning, daytime, night and meals are offered at the company, after eating dinner, many colleagues return home quickly."
Their speed is very first and works a lot, so sometimes she made mistakes. As that time, she was got change her mind by her colleague's message.
"You try to cover too much, aren't you? It is important that you should do it, but I think that you should prioritize by clarifying what you want to do," This advice helped her so much, she realized she could do it.
I honestly felt a warm colleague and a friendly corporate culture from her.

“I want to spread STEAM education to the world.”
Many brilliant women are working in Makeblock. I could meet the beautiful women's leader.
The Chinese woman Lunitta-san, she is IMC Director in charge of all marketing communications on the global market in Shenzhen headquarters. Currently, she manages 17 subordinates.
When I ask a question as it is difficult to manage many members, "I am specialized in taking communications, and I like it, I like this job, and I always have them helped," she answered with a smile to me.
Her management style respects the autonomy of members. The PR manager, one of her subordinates also attended the interview, this PR manager introduced me to Lunitta-san to set the meeting, it is certain that the subordinates' suggestion power is high I realized.

Her former position was in charge of Global PR Director at ZTE, a major telecommunications company. With long-term work, her career upgrading. Even though she reset that career, why did you decide to make a new challenge in Makeblock?
"I am in Shenzhen from the university, and it will be nearly two decades. Moreover, many young people of a new generation have increased in this place, they are amazing, and I learn more from them.
Also, I have six years old daughter, and she is enjoying playing and growing with our educational robot, I realized STEAM education is important for new generations, I wanted to spread this robot to the world. "
She has another deciding factor. "What was attractive to that was that SOFTBANK was a partner in Japan if it was a company that SOFTBANK is tying up with, it was also a big deal to think that further growth would have to happen in the future"

Moreover, she has been working here for more than a year and increasingly enjoyable.
In Europe start STEAM education first, especially in France, the introduction rate of robots to public schools exceeded 60%. Also, 300 teams from around the world participated in the 2018 Robot Contest World Congress hosted by them.
"Of course, all markets are important, but from now, we want to deliver STEAM education especially in the Asian market, we can enjoy together with parents and children through this robot." she said straight ahead.
As a professional, as a mother, as a woman leader, I got a beautiful and robust passion from her.

Again, I feel many talents come to here, and they are leading the company's global growth through this interview, and in fact, this Makeblock is not a special case in Shenzhen.
I feel great talents have three keywords in here — high ambition, survival skill, passion for studying forever. As a result, they have high language skills and challenging in the world, therefore they do not make complaints, because they always make efforts to achieve goals. I respect them.

Jan 10th 2019
Kaoru Fujii,
Founder & CEO, Diverse Design K. K.


Talent's central city" Shenzhen, Two women who have passion with STEAM education spread.

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Forbes-columnTalent's central city" Shenzhen, Two women who have passion with STEAM education spread.